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i agree with dave


but now we have



edit wrong link

the title could show (i.e PCM05) the link below?





its gone :(

the old hall of fame with the next 20 and previous 20

was a good refrance to the scores points were shown and you could see where you fell on the list

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There seems to be a bit confusion regarding the world record page. In short, the world record page is a list of the highest scores in each benchmark containing both hwboint and non-hwboint scores. It's what we consider the official WR page on hwbot.


The hall of fame you're refering to is, I guess, the ranking of the hwboint scores. It's still visible if you go via the hwbot application info page or the summary page (http://hwbot.org/benchmark.do). Also, you can go straight to a BM's ranking by clicking on the world record in the list on the right hand side:



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