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mtech - Pentium 4 651 @ 6409MHz - 20740 marks PCMark 2005


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Thanks, guys! Subtests results are very inconstant on this system - especially in transparent windows and virus scan. In most cases I obtained 197xx/199xx overall scores, but this run was really good )


I think low virus scan is due to 4 threads of work trying to run on only 2 threads available. Its worse on the semprons - only 1 thread available. regarding transparent windows - i see the same problem - i don't have a theory for this one - obviously throwing more clocks and higher mem bw helps but still its not scoring as high as it should be. With 64 bit OS - it can be really bad - for multithread test 2 I get huge numbers for the 1st score but the 2nd is like 0.9.

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