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Wierd PCM05 Sempron Issue


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Have a random issue with Sempron 140 & 145s in which when running the Multi-Thread test #2 I'm getting between 0-2 MPixel/s on the Image Decompression test. I've tried other motherboards and 3 other processors - same issue. Reinstalled Windows lots of times - tweaked and vanilla - same problem.


However, my Text Edit score before the Image Decompression is very high. At stock 2.70GHz on the 140 I'm getting 160 pages/s which is odd as people with Semprons clocked at 4.00GHz can only get 110 pages/s.


After days of testing I've realised it happens when I run the WEI score. My Text edit at stock clocks jumps from 90 to 160 but my Image Decompression drops from 14 to 1. I can't not run the WEI as I need it for the PCM suite transparent windows, but with it, it kills my Image Decompression score. Going from 1 MPixel/s to 20 (when OC'd) is an extra 2-3K on the final suite score so I can't not ignore the problem.


Seems someone else suffers from the same problem I've just noticed - http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=34695


No solution given.


Could it be that there is a tweak to stop this from happening, or is it that maybe the OS is adding the Image Decompression score to the Text Edit score and then some? The Text Edit score is too high for those clocks.


All help appreciated.

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Narrowed it down in 64bit. It doesn't just happen after WEI, even without running it, if you choose the W7 Aero Theme it drops the Image Decompression to 1 MPixel/s or less. Choosing W7 Basic theme doesn't affect it but it means Transparent Windows doesn't work properly. 32bit it is then.

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