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3D Mark Vantage Question?


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This might make sense, it might not, but from my personal experience with 3dmark, you will get your GPU to a certain overclock, and if you up the core any more your score will decrease unless you raise the memory speed too, same with the CPU i guess, you either need to up it some more to overcome this or raise your GPU to compensate.


More isn't always better!

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Shouldn't as long as you don't motivate it to be a jerk :P

if you keep it cool and fed with the appropriate voltage and BIOS settings it should be fine and play along.


Never mind - I just installed a Q9400 Quad Core and now my score is 1600 points up on default clocks. CPU scores better than E7300 at 4.0.

First Q9400 OC successful at set 3.5GHz 1.33V. Benched successfully no point loss. E7300 now at bottom of junkpile and expelled into outer-space at 6.25(GHz)per/hour

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