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Don't you think, that Asus Mars is not the same card, that GTX295 is?

Mars is the card like others, that have different bus speed. So must be category GTX295 448 bit and 512bit.


Don't you think, that union of benchers is not the team, and is a some team in the team?



ONE member = One mini team in the team.. it's very bad for competition between members. there is no chance for one man, because he oppose the team, but not ONE man.



so why now is ONE member= One team?

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I think, that member's scores, which he gathers with his last team will must stay with member's last tem and not move to another team. He must toenter to his new team with clean sheet.

That doesn't seem to be the present rule.


It appears to me that all old points follow the member to whichever and whatever new teams he/she may join.


Then again, perhaps not?

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The difference is purely psychological: if 3 people always bench together and submit all results to the account of 1 person (not violating hardware sharing guidelines), it's pretty much the same as submitting them all to a joined account. It's the perceived difference between "benchbrother" and "benchbrothers"

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