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My 2500K


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Hi boys...

I have a 2500K with batch L130C510 and i push it @ 5.250 MHZ under Phase Change with my ASROCK Z68 PRO3 GEN3...I would like to search the limit of this CPU; what are the best setting into the BIOS to reach the limit? I read that SANDY BRIDGE don't like much cold temperature; is it true? Can i try with air cooled around 0° of temperature?


Thanks for your suggests...


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  • Crew

at first you should check chip with air cooling!


set 2c/2th and try to boot system with high cpu multiplayer. if you can see windows boot menu, it is ok and you can hope to have that multiplayer stable with lower temps and surely 4c/4th.


sometimes chip cannot do high mp, but can reach higher freq with bclk raising...


you must check many profiles


good luck! :)

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Ok, if the 52X is the max multiplier, it is a possibility to reach higher frequency or it is the limit of CPU? Because if a set a 52x multiplier and than i set higher blck the max frequency is 5250 MHZ.


With SB, if you are sure about your settings, and you are not able to boot with higher multiplier then volts/cooling does not matter. That is the highest clock/multi of your chip. As of yet no 1 has been able to cross the clock limit by changing mobo/settings/cooling (if cooling is limited to begin with), but that is if you are experienced enough with SB and know what you are doing.

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