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Core i7 930 - Quick Air + LN2 tests


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Hi all!


I got chance to test upcoming Intel Core i7 930 ES CPU.


Specs are these, like you already know:

*2.80GHz (21x 133)

*2.93GHz Turbo (22x133)

*8MB L3

*4 Cores / 8 threads

*130W TDP

*Price should be same as 920 now.


So there is nothing new in this chip, except the turbo ratio. We overclockers know well, that even multipliers have been problem in core i7 architechture, so this multiplier 22 does not sound too promising.

Basic use and mild overclocking will be easier with one extra multi, but for extreme overclocking the multiplier 21 is still the only usable.


Here is the setup info:


Intel Core i7 930 (week 45)

EVGA Classified

G.Skill Perfect storm

ATI Radeon 5870

Thermaltake TP 1200W

Noctua NF-P14 cooler + 12cm silent fans

SF3D OC LN2 pot

Windows Vista 32-bit


The results on aircooling were promising.





Vantage CPU test at 4.40GHz



Wprime at 4.5GHz


3DM05 at 4.55GHz



Superpi at 4.67GHz





Then I decided to spend rest of my LN2 with this chip. I had maybe 5 liters, so there was not that much time to fine tune the setup.

BCLK was the biggest problem and it felt like the chip could have done a lot better if I could have taken the BLCK higher.

I guess retail chips will be a bit better on these like usual.





Thermal readings (left: Base of the pot / right: CPU HS):



Sensor placement in HS:



Vantage CPU test at 5GHz



3DM06 CPU test at 5GHz


3DMark05 full test at 5.03GHz



Wprime 32M 5.05GHz



Absolute max in BCLK was 241 :(


That was it. This chip is not bad on air, but on LN2 you need to squeeze bclk very high like many overclockers have done with their 920 CPU's.

I thik we will see some nice retail action when these have been released.


Now I will focus on some other new CPU's. :up:

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Yeah. This is very nice CPU on aircooling.


1 hour of small FFT. I don't have more time for running prime :)




4.4GHz is too much for aircooling. Noctua can't handle the load anymore and it will overheat in minutes. This crashed after 15 min.

Room temp is 22C°



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