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Feature requests : CPU socket count


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Ticket ID: 1484


Priority: Medium


I have an 8 SOCKET set up, NOT an 8 CORE8cpu16cores.jpg


but noticed there is no tab for looking up such submissions under a given cpu only SINGLE socket, DUAL socket and QUAD socket. Could OCTA socket tab be added as well ?




Thank you...

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What does this mobo look like?

Its a 2 piece board that can run in OCTA Socket when joined with the riser cards.








The thing weighs a ton after all put together with the all the ram, cpus, HS, gpu, :eek:

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A forget-me-not bump :)

Really surprised there is no tab for 8-socket :confused:?


I do understand that Karl is out; but frankly from what I've been told this is a matter for Massman. The only problem with that is he dosnt visit down here.

So I'm asking Christian or Sweet or any other Mod for any help in trying to get a response to my suggestion.

I know things do not happen over-night, and that the staff here have many things on their plates but its been 8 months since I first posted this :(

Thank you

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