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TheKing - Radeon HD 7970 @ 1500/1924MHz - 13747 marks 3DMark11 - Performance


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Hi Draco, this was 7, not XP, as it's not possible to start 3dm11 on a not-dx11 compatible os ;)


Anyway, we had a little room for improvement here and there, our goal was to reach 14k pts but, as always, we ran out of LN2 lol

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And now I noticed that the same problem happens with the other score, made on the same OS, in the same bench session:



Any idea guys?


p.s: as per the Physics score, we were in dual channel, take it into account ;)


Dual and Quad are almost the same punctuation

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So, Draco, while we were politely talkin' about our result here, you were reporting it sayin' "[DRACO]: reported by user due to possible cheat (3DMARK11 IN XP? LOL XP NO DIRECT11 CHEAT)". lol?

Ok, since I HATE cheater and all the fuckers like them, can I ask the mods to take a look to our submission (and don't forget the other one in Vantage, made in the same bench session), to close this fuckin' issue?

I heard more than one guy, saying "allright, it's not the first time I see GPUz reporting XP on 7, clearly a bug", so for me it's ok. If it's not, according to the mods, then no probs, we'll remove those submissions and we'll re-do them and maybe improve them.


Oh, and Draco, take a look at the other results in Physics, using SB-E in Dual Channel, then you'll notice that there IS difference in THAT test. The difference is quite irrelevant at the final score, but in physics you can easily obtain a 4/5fps boost.

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