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Massman - Core i5 661 @ 6484MHz - 7sec 329ms wPrime 32m


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Sorry my English is not realy god.


Very strangely, the two programs have a different opinion of the CPU clock speed.

wPrime shows 5760 MHz, And cpuz shows 6277 MHz.

But I know that the information wPrime CPU clock speed gets on cpuz.

Here was perhaps after Helped? Or what happened?

I would like to know about that.

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I should have bet on that to be your next sentence :D Good that you remind me of 01 - I still need a Lynnfield to score some points for the extended 01 challenge. Was really good to see this game going on :) I gave up quickly on Clarkdale but maybe Lynnfield is more fun :P

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Clarkdale should be getting somewhere else than 95k ... I did that score with an early bios, so memory performance wasn't great then. I think I'll fire up a Gigabyte board when Hicookie launches the coldbug modifications for the Gigabyte boards.


Lynnfield is just CPC inferior to bloomfield, almost no way to get around that. Clocks are lower as well, uncore is not good ... maybe the memory frequency would do the LL some good ... i don't know.

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