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Got a BIOS for s775 P4's on Rampage Extreme?


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I've found that the REX can really not like P4's, and generally acts a lot more finicky compared to how solid it is with C2D's I've ran on it.


Anyone got a known good BIOS for P4's on the Rampage Extreme?


I've got a few P4's with no cold bugs around here, and I'm not even pushing the FSB this board has done previously... But its wigging out in the mid 6GHz range. I think if I get the right BIOS on here, it can do a lot better. It's especially picky about what memory divider and settings are used on P4's so far in my testing, can be hard to run it over stock at all until you get those dialed in right.

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Thanks guys.


@Crusty: ALL dead links there... The links that aren't entirely dead show the FBI warning because they go to Megaupload.


@Mafio: 6GHz was easy, I'm hitting in the mid 6GHz range, which was also not bad to get to... Around that point things whig out, and it seems to be the board and not the CPU.


@Turrican: I've heard others say that too. I don't have either of the other boards you suggested, so I'm just trying to do what I can with what I have.


It looks like Booon got to the mid 7GHz, if his submissions are accurate:



One of those says foxconn blackops (cpuz), the rest all say Rampage Extreme.


Probably going to screw around more with the p4 651 tonight and see if I can get it further. http://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?username=i.m.o.g.&cpuId=1046

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I see you are using 3:4 DRAM ratio, have you tried others?

wrong divider really limits the ability of the board to clock FSB higher, in my case 2:3 was the best.

I didn't tested with 2 sticks but this could be another issue, I'd try with only one (better if single sided) in every slot (in my case the nearer to the CPU was the best).

play with CPU PLL (I used 1.59*) and VTT (I used something between 1.45 and 1.5 IIRC) and find what your CPU likes.


p.s. don't forget to use a good PSU, these P4s are INCREDIBLY power consuming.

back in the days we tried using an old Enermax Galaxy 1000 and without ever loading the CPU the PSU hit OCP threshold and the system completely shutdown at around 7.5 GHz.

we switched to a single rail PSU (PCP&C 750, TX950 or PCP&C 1200) and completely solved the issue.

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Thanks. I tried a lot of different ram configs mainly just to see what posted, then what would let me raise fsb, this one got me the furthest - many dividers were non-functioning when trying them near stock settings. I had a lot of trouble just getting the board to post with other settings. I don't have any experience with p4's, so I will try some stuff tonight and report back more specifically. I know one of the problems I had was just changing vcore and it wouldn't post... I had to boot on auto vcore then raise voltage by the onboard toggle, which worked fine, just setting it in BIOS was screwy.


The board was awesome for c2d's, so if there is weirdness it is just with p4s, or just with certain BIOS versions and p4s.

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Ya, I can only get it to post with the 400MHz strap, and only 1:1 and 3:4 memory dividers. (the 333Mhz strap with dividers that are almost equivalent to 400Mhz does not work) Nothing else I tried works, regardless of if I'm at 3GHz or 6GHz.


I'm on bios 1301 currently, which allegedly supports P4's... Apparently similar to how my CIVE supported bulldozer (in a very half-assed kind of way).

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