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  1. Did you turn ln2 mode on from the jumper? 3770k's did not have many voltages to mess with you just need good paste and over 105 bclk to bench.
  2. I know man i have learnt to live with it.But first time i did it i was banned for a year and so did joshy some months ago for galax comp... i just hope hwbot will keep in the same direction when judging results.
  3. Dude i was banned for tampering the mem tab of a 3dmark result that even had a validation link.. This is way more serious I am afraid...
  4. Sắp đến trá»i ẩm, xin má»i bạn xem qua máy hút ẩm Ä‘ang được Æ°a thích giá hấp dẫn :

    máy hút ẩm Fujie HM-616EB - http://mayhutamcaocap.vn/may-hut-am-fujie-hm-616eb/

    máy hút ẩm Fujie HM-500 - http://mayhutamcaocap.vn/may-hut-am-fujie-hm-500-cong-nghiep/

  5. Also please note that z270 and xp is a no go for sli.Sad but true...
  6. I had no issue too on Z170 but on Z270 we had...
  7. It is just a 3dmark01 issue that is struggling with newer cards and HW nothing more.
  8. The low memory issue has nothing to do with the benchmark itself and is not responsible for not running the benchmark.It is a glitch at 3dmark01 sysinfo and nothing more. Bios or sata has also nothing to do with hanging at 3dmark01 loading. Open 3dmark01 go to Edit-Settings and click the first square there that disables loading. That has to work.
  9. Vantage is CPU bound due to it's low resolution. If you and your friend want to compare cards try a newer benchmark like Time Spy.
  10. Lol Der8auer,Dancop and Benchbros have used the same setup for stage 4... Think before you speak.
  11. If you remove 24pin without clear cmos does it boot? If yes then a cap probably needs replacement cause it does not unload voltage completely thus triggering boot failure. I have had the same problem in many old motherboards.
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