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[EVENT] Overclock.net Grand Champion Series | Toronto | June 30th, 2012 | $10,000 Prizing

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Going to have plenty of open benching time and lots of LN2 to burn.


It's official! The Overclock.net live event in Toronto is on!


Date: Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Location: AirShip 37 - 37 PARLIAMENT STREET STUDIO 2 | TORONTO, ON, CANADA, M5A 2Y2 (Street View Link) (Map Link)

Location Instructions: The venue is located down the alley - it's behind Urban Dog

Time: 10am - 2am

Cost: $20 to reserve your space. This is not refundable. Please only reserve if you are actually going to come.

Website: Coming soon at GrandChampion.com

Contest: Win a trip to the event! http://www.overclock.net/t/1228177/win-a-trip-to-the-overclock-net-grand-champion-series-in-toronto


What are we doing at this event?

  • Compete with and learn from the pros
  • Half of the venue will be dedicated to a LAN ($5,000 in prizes)
  • Half of the venue will be dedicated to Ln2 Benchmarking ($5,000 in prizes)



LAN Structure

This is now being worked on. If you have any thoughts on what you would like to see, please reply with them! We will update this section soon!


Benchmarking Structure


This is now being worked on. If you have any thoughts on what you would like to see, please reply with them! We will update this section soon!



Tell me more!

  • Soft drinks and munchies will be provided throughout the day
  • BBQ lunch and dinner will be served (meat and veggie options) at no charge
  • Beer (paid) will be available, to those who are of age, starting at 2pm. We ask that you limit your consumption so that we can keep the event fun for everyone.
  • Three security guards will be onsite all day long. However, you are 100% responsible for your actions and your property. Please plan accordingly.
  • We will have music and lights at the venue. We will be taking community requests for what you want to hear during the event.
  • The entire day will be livecasted and recorded. If you don't want to be on camera, please don't attend!




Coming soon! If you would like to sponsor the event, please contact admin@overclock.net



How to Reserve your Space

The event is limited to 125 people max. To reserve your space, please send $20 for each person in your group to admin@overclock.net via PayPal.com. Please include the following information:


Payment Title: Overclock.net Toronto Event Reservation

Payment Note: Include the full names (real and forum) and addresses of each person who will be attending from your group. Please also include what they are interested in doing. LAN, Benchmarking, Both?


Please check this thread often as we will attempt to add lots more info as it comes in :D




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Bump for the competition layout and prizing structure.



Grand Champion Benchmarking Competition




Competition Hardware:

AMD FX 8150

MSI 7970 Lightning

MSI 990 FXA-GD80

1866 DDR3 (possible upgrade coming)

120GB Corsair Force GT

Enermax Platimax 1000W




Qualifying Round: Low Clock Challenge 3 hours

Benchers will get to tweak their benchmarking skills with the competition hardware. All machines will be running the same clock speeds, but the benchmarkers must tweak their operating system for the fastest run.


Qualifying Benchmark:

-SuperPi 8M, Version 1.55


Qualifying Rules:

-8 Fastest SuperPi 8M submissions guaranty a Captain spot for the main competition

-40 minutes per person at a Competition rig

-A version of XP will be installed on the Competition rigs, but you can chose to bring your own Operating system, but you will still only have 40 minutes at the competition rig.

-No Clock adjusting software can be used. Any attempt to change the system's clock speed from the LCC format will disqualify

-Use supplied wallpaper with CPUz CPU and Memory tabs visible

-Use only supplied hardware at set LCC speeds




Main Competition: 4 hours

-The 8 fastest from Qualifying(Captains) will have to choose a team mate from the remaining benchers who participated in the qualifying round to help them in the main competition


Main Competition Benchmarks:

-wPrime 32M

-CPUz Validation

-Unigine Heaven


Main Competition Rules:

-8 Competition rigs, 8 teams of two

-Use supplied wallpaper with CPUz CPU and Memory tabs visible

-Use only supplied hardware

-Bring your own cooling equipment. Cooling sharing is allowed!

-Vaseline will be supplied, but you're welcome to bring your own insulating solutions.




-Each team will split the prize 75% Captain, 25% Assistant

-1st $2000

-2nd $1250

-3rd $750

-4th $500

-5th $250

-6th $100

-7th $100

-8th $50


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