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msi R5770 Hawk first impression


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Because I obtained the chance to test msi R5770Hawk, it reports.

I tried OC by air cooling.



CPU : Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 975

MB : msi Eclipse Plus


VGA : msi R5770 Hawk

PSU : Silverstone ZU-1200

OS : Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit



CPU 4GHz(BCLK200*20)

Memory DDR3-1600 CL6-7-6-18

Uncore 3200MHz


GPU core 1120MHz at VGPU 1.45V(mod)

Memory 1400MHz


3D06 : 20775

3DVan : P13607


I was able to enjoy OC.

I am not good at English. I'm sorry.


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Looks good for starters!


Will you be testing the card under LN2 as well?



LN2 Overclocking of VGA challenged for the first time yesterday.




3DVantage-P was 1350MHz and OK. However, if it was only GT2, it was OK by 1400 MHz in the same voltage.




I should practice so that Overclocking may do better.



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The voltage indicated 1.75V in the tester.


It was possible to run the whole distance in the same process as the time of a complete test when only GT2 was selected.


There is no cold bug. However, it did not continue if it did not turn up the heat up to about -130℃ when GT1 was read.


It was necessary to pour LN2 from the vicinity where roading GT1 had been completed.

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I am not good at soldering. Therefore, it searched for the point that was able to be soldered a little more easily.






I was good at mod by this. Please guide it when wrong.



Thanks man!U comfirmed my findings!I had traced that spot too for easier soldering!I think i am gonna try it!

Did you also perform the Vmem modification?

I ve donne the vmem.Its a uP6101 that is really easy to mod.I think its PIN number 6

to the ground u need to solder on.I ve successfully added 0.1v on my rams!Stable @1400MHz!

Time for vcore now!

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I try again to 5770hawk OC at Dice in last weekend.




Core i7 960

msi Eclipse Plus

G.Skill Perfectstom F3-16000CL8T-6GBPS


MaxxNeo by TAM

Tek-9 Ver6.66 by Vince




3D06 : core 1270MHz/mem1300MHz

VGPU 1.42V





I'm sorry,poor English.



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