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knopflerbruce - Pentium E2200 (2.2Ghz) @ 4620MHz - 495.7 MPT-score UCBench 2011


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Just called it a day actually! Worked on it for 3-4 hours, and there's something I don't know, or my chip just doesn't have it in there.


Worked vcore between 1.8 and 2.01. Tried PLL from 1.5-1.9V. Tried single/dual channel. Can't change where it cold bugs much, can't increase vcore more or it bombs out. Hardly can reproduce the score I have up already, which also took me hours to get.


For whatever reason, I can do wprime1024 at 4.7GHz - I duplicated those settings, could still complete wprime at that speed, but tried a bunch of different things to get ucbench running above 404x11 with 2 threads and just couldn't get it.


Actually, I couldn't get UCbench to complete at a "safe" 390x11 at any voltage above 1.93V, and that was only in a very careful window of temps between 105-110C, and it coldbugs right around -110C. I could get the FSB up from there a bit, but that was my voltage limit - ucbench would crash within the first half of the bench at any higher voltage. Compare that to 4.8GHz@1.984V in wp1024: http://hwbot.org/image/772015.jpg


Dunno, but you got me. :)

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