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GTX 580 Lightning question

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Hey there,


I've got a question for the people that know a little of vram, to be more specific, of the MSI GTX 580 Lightnig XE. My current GPU has Samsung chips, but the card died and now it's going to be replaced with a card that has Hynix chips. Are these better or not, or will I not even be able to notice? I'm not really up with the vram, normal ram is no problem :)



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  • Crew

it is first time to see XE edition with Samsung chips! usually MSI use Hynix for them!


anyway, Samsung chips can do 1250-13000mhz on air cooling (1300mhz if you be lucky)

and Hynix chips can do somthings around 1200mhz


anyway no problem, get it ;)

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Interesting to hear :) It used to be a media sample tho. Maybe they are a little different. Didn't see many results or such about this card anyway. Seems like everyone has the normal lightning. I got it because I like playing BF3 and it's pretty vram hungry on 1920x1200. Still waiting for the opportunity to put it on LN2. Tek 9 Fat will be in my possession soon :)

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