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You haz 890FX moderbord? I want won!


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Hai dere!


I'm looking for an 890FX motherboard:

Either UD5 Rev 2.1, UD7 Rev 2.1, or Crosshair IV Formula/Extreme


No M4A89TDs, they sux on LN2.


I'm willing to pay up to $100 for UD5 or $110 CIVF, $110 UD7 or CIVE. (Shipped price, USA)


Need this quick for a 24/7 rig and Phenom II LN2 board, killed my M4A89TD.




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I don't think you're going to like C4F, I'd rather go with 790FX stuff like M4A79T or C3F for Phenom II. (lower clocks but better efficiency)

While I appreciate the suggestions, I need a board that doesn't have a DRAM hardwall like most 790FX boards as well as something that works well with Phenom II X6. I know that C3F is super efficient, but also a PITA.


Need easy 1800 CL6 Hypers/2100 CL7+ BBSE/PSC ram board in 32M.

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