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GTX285 running at PCI-E 2.0 16x @ x4 help needed.


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Guys i have a problem and i would like some help to fix an issue with a GTX285. Ok here goes the story , this is a BFG OCX GTX285 1GB Rev.1 , i bought this card the first day they came out so its already quite old. The card its volt moded via vid bridges pins and i have conected them via solder to get 1.3v. its been like that for over a year now. This card was completely dead after a long LN2 session months ago, but i was going thru my big pile of dead hardware and i thought of re-testing the card before going to the trashcan, i cleaned all the sticky armaflex on the back and front of the card as much as i could , i removed the clear coat of nail polish that i applied to the card too as well as all the vaseline on the card. The card was looking like brand new after been hooked to a TeK 9 gpu pot for 5~6 months :P: , i clean it up really good :yepp:. I use MX2 on the core and the same pading that came from factory for the memory , installed the stock cooler and place the card on an old Asus P5B Deluxe P965 Mobo and voila , Bingo , woow the card post it right away and came back from the death :eek: , boot into windows and i installed latest whql drivers 197.13 rebbot and awsome the card its working flawlesly:) im happy until i opened GPU-Z and oh sh*t :confused: the card its running at pci-e 16 @ 1x :shakes: , i reset it the card , uninstalled and reinstalled drivers again , i boot in windows and now the card its running at pci-e 16 @ 4x:shrug: ,i said to myself well its a software problem and here i went flashing the card with an evga FTW Bios wich runs aboslutly great on this card , flash was done succesfully. re-tried the card again with new Bios and guess what :( the card still running at pci-e 16 4x. I tested in another mobo eVGA 790i Ultra and yep you guessed it right the freaking card its running at pci-e 16 @ 4x. I have troubleshoot until not available but i cannot get the card to run at the full pci-e 16 @ 16x. Please help this poor soul out , im getting frustrated because the card runs flawlessly in games and overclocks like crazy and stable for benchies even on stock cooler , but the results are very low because the card its been bottleneck by the pci-e 16 running all the time at pci-e 16 @ 4x , any ideas , help , guidance will be trully appreciated , i would like to fix this card to use it in my 24/7 gaming rig. Thanks in advanced.



Regards: Chispy









By chispy at 2010-04-02

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Chispy, you remember a while back, Shammy talked about http://kingpincooling.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79 ?


Did you try anudder mobo?


Hi good old friend :) , thank you for the sugestion :) appreciated , i asked Shamino on that tread if baking the card would help. Yes bro i have tried on Asus P5B-Deluxe P965 and on a eVGA 790i Ultra but still running at 4x :/

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