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  1. Thank you for the nice words. I did try but combine score went down so it is better on this cpus to run with smt On at 16c/32t.
  2. Thank you Rauf ! I have not tested Intel yet to compare , will test on Intel later to see if the score improves.
  3. Thank you hwbot for the time and space. Mods please close this thread as the hardware that did not sale i'm keep in it. * No more items for sale* Please close*
  4. Holy flying pixels 😱 ! deadly new combo for 3d11 you have found, rx 6900xt is fast with 5950x, a lot faster than rtx 3090 and 10900k ... Awesome score !!!
  5. Great job. Awesome score Rauf and glad to hear evc2 worked for you too. Well done amigo !
  6. Nice score , it seems you got a very good chip :) , i'm looking forward to see what you can achieve once you go pedal to the metal. keep up the good work.
  7. @Leeghoofd and @der8auer i'm glad to report that the site is blazing fast now and everything is shaping up great. Thank you for the huge effort to update the site and all the work you guys are doing for this community. Kind regards: Angelo
  8. Elmor's evc2 feedback - Installed my evc2s yesterday on my non-reference pcb and it works wonders. Been a non-reference pcb i was able to tweak XDPE312G5 only as it does not detect any other ICs. evc2 works wonders when i apply the tweak volt settings for the XDPE312G5. Before installing the evc2 i ran some test on FSU and it reports max 348 chip power draw. After installing evc2 and use the volt guide Allen and Jon posted max chip power draw was 242 and got an increase on the score of ~180 points , so it is working as intended. Efficiency using evc2 + low volts + lower clocks is h
  9. You will have to wait until the Red Rebellion Bios Team at igor's lab release their software and mod the Bios for the lower P states to run at higher clocks if setting the minimum clocks don't work for you. there is no other way please be patient and keep an eye on Igor's lab to see when the amdVbios modding tool is release along the Bios flash utility. Things will get much , much better soon once we have software to edit bios 👍.
  10. Thanks bro. A lot better efficiency and overall score if i take it easy and use low volts and lower clocks than going all hammer at 2850/2150Mhz and max volts.
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