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  1. Great job Allen , amazing clocks and smahing score bro. ASRock OC formula rocks ! Team yellow FTW ...
  2. Thank you amigo Jason 👍 , i still do not feel confident flashing blind bios files without knowing what they have changed or do for rkl cpus after all this bios bricking bios stuff as this is for a un touched new Apex 12 😬 i have had sitting here for a very long time. Do you know if Apex 12 with rkl cpu will support pci express 4.0 ? appreciate it bro.
  3. Any news on a brand new bios for Apex 12 support for Rocketlake cpus ? Last bios was release 2 months ago and is the one having trouble and bricking bios chips. Also i would like to know if using rkl cpus on Apex 12 will use pci express 4.0 ? There is no information about this anywhere ...
  4. I see 3dmark01 results i instalike :D , great job on this result , nicely done !
  5. The ASRock z590 OC Formula has been in and out of stock on newegg.com , just keep an eye on it and sign for notifications as it drops in stock very often. https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16813162014
  6. Awesome score , nice card amigo AKM , congratz on the gold , well done !
  7. Will test my RDU 6900xtx on ln2 next week and i hope it does not have a very low cold bug and cold boot bug -45c~ -50c like my last 6900xt was a pita to even run on SS 🥺 , cross fingers for this new one 😅
  8. @_mat_ , my good old friend let me know if you need some help , beta testing or troubleshooting anything related with your software benchmate. You can count on me if you need help amigo 🙌 .
  9. Nice find amigo , quad core gold on stock cooling = awesome :D ! Amazing little cpu.
  10. W00t 6Ghz cpu , awesome score on the Aqua, congratz Allen , well done !
  11. Great score Mike , awesome results ! I see the new tweak is the overclocking fish on your gpu 😂
  12. Nice sheepeeuu you got there amigo , great tweaking , well done ! Me likes 👍
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