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Is this valid or not?

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Well..this just cropped up in my mod panel...




reported due to the reason being resolution is blocked...but he gave validation link...so what to do with this?


just curious since validation link is there and it shows the resolution...


help me out guys....

am putting this on hold for now...

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Hello, I'd like to ask if my submission is valid or not. I got a message from a moderator "checked ok, but not for country cup - missing wallpaper". What does that mean? Do I have to show my task bar as well? Or what is missing?




Thanks in advance!

Its a valid submission as such but not counted in the country cup.

For Country Cup submission you have to use the wallpaper provided:


Just use the wallpaper & post a new submission!!!

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  • Crew

Yep. Wallpaper or comp. backgrund is mandatory for country cup submissions., You ca read this here:






* Only use processors manufacturered by AMD.

* A verification screenshot is required.

* Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig.

* Must use competition background



Download Background , here :





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