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Motherboard/chipset page fix

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I was browsing the chipset and motherboard pages and found that the info is shown incorrectly. I mean the records done using the selected hardware.

For example, we go to the P3B-F page: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/p3b_f?tab=info

I see that the board earned a number of cups but I can't search them because the results are stacked by the result in each benchmark - not the place or boints. It's obviously that a crappy P3-800 will rip an outstanding P2 result so why should it be shown before?


And it would be better to view the cups and medals - when you look within one CPU/GPU category, it's easy to understand which results are in top5. But when it comes to MoBo ranking...



And yes, there's a chipset ranking bug.

http://hwbot.org/hardware/chipset/430tx_ - we look the 430TX chipset and see a board with cups, the http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/tx97_xe

Let's look it's results: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/tx97_xe?tab=2drankings#/manufacturer.rankings.do?applicationId=3&manufacturer=&hardwareTypeId=MBMODEL_5414&hardwareType=MBMODEL&tabid=cpubenchmarks

We can see a single result. Then we switch to 430TX ranking and what do wee see? Two results, but the one that was done with TX97-XE is gone :)


And yes, no idea about the place of the result in it's hardware category.

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