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probleme z77x up7 saving


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I do not arrive has to cross(spend) in normal mode without savings(economies) energy of the cpu in spite of make him(it) have them to deactivate in bios (c1e; c3 c6 eist etc.) thus I know what to do more too much I have flash bios, to make out a will of other bone of other cg etc. I more know what to do


Would have you a solution has my problem thank you




i7 2700 k bios f5 flash tomorow

z77x up7

16 go avexir 2133 mhz

ssd 40 go seven , ssd 128 go xp

gtx 580 lightning

seasonic 1200 w


thank you

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  • Crew

looks like google translator messed his post a bit up, i hardly unterstand what he wants as well. :D

but i think he has problems with eist\speedstep and don't know how deactivate it in bios.


maybe christian ney can help here better, since he could talk in french with him.

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  • Crew

Christian is on his way to Denmark to lick Marc Beiers butt... I'll try to fire up the UP7 tomorrow and see what gives...




I'm on F5 bios too, my IVY runs at 4200MHz flatout, with all the speedstep and co on AUTO in the bios.




Maybe it's improper SB support... Plus memory support with SB is not brilliant on this board...

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