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Oh I still got the CPU in the board...get 5.3Ghz on air then talk to me dude...

yesterday anti-T-kom: reported by user (Futuremark System Info Scan wasn't enabled - Score is way to high with these CPU/GPU settings)

Quad vs. Hex???? Where's your mind son...you may be 2nd out of 29...I'm 10th out of 910 for what? I'll go get it out of my closet and make pics of my BIOS setup for you tomorrow...

How you think I got this...


I had it won on H20...winner took 3 days to setup Ln2...I still got 4th on my daily PC. So don't start anything you can't finish just to best anyone...it's about maxxing your hardware and gettin your score...YOUR score. If you aren't satisfied...push harder sir....you will not be !st place all the time, but you will be known if you do it right. My team will call me out if they think I submit something unusual, don't report me because you can't duplicate my score.

I'll just take an afternoon instead of my lunch break to bench next time...now say you mad. Oh I just beat that score...btw.

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