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3D Mark 11 , Combinated Test LOW Result

Guest Ximi

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Hi guys,


I have a problem with Nvidia 3D and 11, if I put it in default settings of the nvidia control panel I do well on the first test, but then the high FPS Test Physx Combinaded going slow, if I change other options, I goes well the Physx (Combinaded Test) high FPS but the first Test is going slow.


So I do not get the two Test will stop me, as you set up your? You use the inspector? Settings for this Pass the Test with nvidia.


The active with 1 GPU Physx? CUDA and GPU have 1 or All?


SLI mode in the inspector as they have in AFR2 or SFR?


Is that the Combined Test me if I passed the other luxury 1st Test I get lazy with low FPS and low punctuation ... however if I change the SLI mode and 1 luxury I get the Combined Test I get 14 FPS max, ie, that the result is nothing compared 15.xxx of 20.xxxx and looked over the 22.xxxx or 24.xxxx and I fail or joke.


Let me know ....


Thank you!

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Thanks for reply , Mass ... :)


If I use only 1 GPU , single GPU for render , the combinated Test its all right , 3x FPS but first Test graphics its poor only 7x FPS.


If uses Nvidia Recommended first test its all right 180 FPS but combined test its poor 12 FPS.


If one its good the second its poor.


How configure it ?


Also Wich its the best render mode SLI ? SFR or AFR2 ?


I use 3-Way of GTX 680 Nvidia.... :)

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