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Alex"H@Nter"Klein - Radeon HD 5870 @ 1200/1300MHz - 25984 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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FYI, our team have now in Kiev (only part of all hardware):

mobos: 3 Rampage II Extreme, 1 Classified E762;

cpus: 2 Gulftown ES CPUs, one i7 975;

memory kits: 2 MNH-E kits (OCZ and Kingston), 1 BBSE (G.Skill Perfect Storm);

VGAs: 2xPowercolor 5870, 1xSapphire 5870, 1xMSI Lightning 5870, 2xGTX295, 2xGTX280.

Not a problem to post photos of everything with exception of CPUs ('cause they are ES) - if anybody will ask to do so.

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I suppose everybody in Ukraine knows that MXS-Kiev has enough hardware to exclude technical violation of 'HWBOT hardware sharing' rules.

Anyway very few people are sure that H@Nter did that result by himself. As well as all the other high-end results present in his profile. At least with your [big?] help. That's what we are talking about man.

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P.S. I hope that Gigabyte's First OC Champ was just unlucky experience and Alex will show his best at GOOC Ukraine 2010. Only one participant per team, random hardware (I suppose). He has a good teacher, but the teacher won't be able to help far away from the classroom.

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Who is talking about teacher and classmates???? Man who never had no one grate world result in HWBot? ))))) Theoretic-overclocker? My dear, cyclone, comparing with me, you simply have no enough rank to take part nether in MOA, no in GIGABYTE OC champ. That is why I think it is not so correct from your side to comment any my results.

Guys from XL team,

Your comments make me LOL ))))) I really see panic and hysteric in your posts! This is very nice! Continue, please )))

Edited by H@Nter
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