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AMD Thuban1095T with aircooling, flanker preview


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Lets look at some few benchmarks, and how look my PC n.1 :-). Its only "quick" runs, not time tweaks (main memory), know, i can run with higher RAM clocks and better timing, speccially help me for superpi runs (1M a few and 32M will more better)


How look my new third PC? I found ,-) ASUS Crosshair IV Formula board and using still 0707 BIOS. Long time i have not ASUS, but must say, it is great looking board with perfect performance. Hope, some bugs will fixed in some next BIOS. Aircooler is Xigmatek 1283 Dark Knight and i changed stock fan for Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000rpm. I was inspired by (many thx.) user CrazyDiamont. With 3000rpm its typhoon :), my old red Aspire case bored me, i buyed new HAF922. RAMs are A-Data 2000x cl9 and PSU 650W classic Seasonic. Changed ASUS 5770 card from 965 BE and my old good 965 BE got older HD3870 :).


OS: windows XP SP3 32-bit no tweaking (win 7 x64 il testing later), ambients room between 20-22 (later was 22, PC warmed :) ).



Crosshair IV+Xigmatek





building part:)



new and "old"






First we look at superpi 1M (my likely benchmark at AIR cooling)



run1 4573 MHz 3034 MHz NB




run2 4595 MHz 2992 MHz NB 15.11s :eek:




Here is my chance..know, later i hit with better timings and seting under 15s with AIR


Now coming time harders benchmarks. My favourites are Cinebenchs



Cinebench R11 at 4357 MHz 1.51V at CPU 7.02points




Cinebench R10 at 4380 MHz :up: 19 335points, Vcore was the same 1.51V, but overvolted a bit sometimes




I like wprime :)


wprime32M at 4415 MHz = 5.766s (this is not maximum think for 32M)





wprime 1024M at 4358 MHz = 181.64s






Here is to chance for improvement, i tried 4380 MHz wprime, but about 85% down PC :-/


Later coming some superpi 32M, 3D2005 and 2006, better superpi 1M, better wprime runs, maybe better Cinebench and...why not 4800 MHz with AIR :D:up:



4769 MHz with 1.53V and normal AIR !!!


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