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info overclocking i7 975 extreme

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oke i have a quastion and i dont know if i,m in the wright forum.

i want to see if this prossesor goes a bit higher or at 4.2 but temps lower.


this is the setting i use for 4.2


Multi 21

Bclk 200

QPI x36

System Memory op x8 (1600Mhz)

UnCore op x16 (3200) of x17 (3400)

QPI volts op 1.355v

and cpu vcore at 1.4


turbo of

llc level 2

cie enable

c state enable


i get temps after 20 runs linx64 77 degrees


my motherbord is a gigabyte x58a-ud7 rev 2,0

cooling h100

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I7 965 and 975 are rubbish processors. Overclocker like crap


965, yeah... It was a C0 chip. The 975s are D0 and overclock very well for Bloomfield. They should do 4.2-4.5GHz for 24/7 with no issue. They don't do the 4.7-5GHz that we see today with Ivy, but they're not bad by any means.

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I7 975 XE are clocking really nicely, but need high vcore;) But 1,4 for 4,2 seems me too high. And the Giga X58 UD Series are no good to clock Chips good, especially uncore:D

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