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I've got another idea (if you're tired of them, let me know or I won't stop :D ).


The clue is how many boints you can get with a certain testbed or piece of hardware.


For example, I've got a good platform for socket 939 and want to check, how many boints I can achieve. I select CPU categories and get a list of records and boints for them. A summarize for each category would be nice. Of course, an application selection should be made besides the CPU one.


For example, I've got good hardware for PCMark and can make a good challenge there, but have nothing to do in the rest because of the cooling.


And there should be an overall search without defining the CPU (GPU). I've got a PCMark or CPU-Z testbed and want to look how many boints can I get, what CPUs to look for first and what score must I achieve.


The navigation became more complicated with the tabs (i.e. the default tabs being chosen) so it pushed me on this one.


Another addition to this feature is to make a wider selection. For example, you see a record you are unable to beat this time. So you either skip the entry and the page shows you the next record (the boints are recalculated) or it shows the next 2-4 results (places 3-5 first places) to check a beatable one.


This thing can be used not only as a calculator but as a schedule too :D

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