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IDF Beijing 2013 (APR 10/11) - Anyone going?


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Intel IDF in Beijing is held on April 10 and 11. There will be a lecture on overclocking featuring Mike Moen, Joakim Algstam and Hicookie. Here's a bit more information:


The intended audience includes OEM/ODM system developers, press, DIY enthusiasts and anyone interested in the performance tuning and overclocking experience on desktop and mobile platforms.


This session provides an architecture and feature overview of Intel® Enthusiast platforms, with a focus on performance tuning through overclocking. Lively, demo-based tutorials for overclocking with the 3rd Generation and 4th Generation Intel® Core processor based platforms will be included throughout the session including a demonstration by Gigabyte’s own overclocking champion, HiCookie.


Topics covered in this session include:


• Overclocking architecture of the Intel Core i7-3xxx series processors on Intel® X79 Express Chipset based platforms


• Overclocking architecture of the desktop and mobile 3rd Generation Intel Core processors on Intel® 77-Series Express Chipset based platforms


• Overclocking architecture of the desktop and mobile 4th Generation Intel Core processors code-named Haswell


• Live demonstrations and expert tips for core, graphics, memory and BCLK overclocking methodology using BIOS, software and hardware tools from the overclocking ecosystem


(~ https://intel.activeevents.com/bj13/scheduler/catalog.do (session = AIOS003)


I've seen some interesting footage from the last IDF San-Fran, let's hope the lecture will be spot on! Looking forward to it :).


Anyone else going? Might be cool to meet up!

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