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  1. So, I'm in a pickle where I have a GTX 980 Strix, but I'm missing the I/O shield (the bit that attaches to the case). Anyone got a spare one, with or without screws?
  2. All sold. So, I found some old stuff in the closet, namely a Kingpin F1 Extreme Dark, a Tek 9 Fat and the original Dominance memory pot. They're all in good condition, no scratches or marks on the base. A little bit of glue from some old tape on both the F1 and the Tek 9, but nothing serious. 775/115x/1366/2011/AMD mounting for the F1 Dark with the classic plastic mounting bracket, and god knows what for the Tek 9 - but three of them. Last used around the GTX 580 days. Dominance pot is missing screws currently, but I might have them on a shelf somewhere. Was thinking 120€ for the F1 Dark, 140€ for the Fatty and 20€ for the Dominance, or I'll throw it in for free in case you buy the two others. Shipping won't be too cheap, as I'm in Sweden, but luckily I'm armed with some sort of DHL ground shipping deal, so it shouldn't be ridiculous, just expensive (maybe 30€ within Europe.)
  3. Board is now in Taiwan with me. Worldwide shipping is therefore an option. Make me an offer, messages with "what's your best price?" will be binned.
  4. I am going back home to Taiwan tomorrow, shipping the board from there should be cheaper to the rest of the world. As it stands now, there's interest, but no firm bids, so I might just bring the board with me over there.
  5. As shown on pictures. One choke has been relocated to the back of the board for a reason I can't quite remember, and it comes with an E2140 CPU, just because I can't be arsed to remove it. The small POST panel should be around somewhere as well. Has done way past 600MHz FSB, I believe the best E8600 I had did 6420MHz back in the days. No vaseline or any other goo. Prefer a rather quick sale, so 200€ or highest bidder by Monday (July 30th), 21:00 CEST. DHL road shipping from Sweden included within EU. Will be shipped out Tuesday or Wednesday. Payment can be arranged by card through my (highly non-computer related) webshop if you're not in Sweden, no need for Paypal (but it is an option).
  6. My plans involve some sort of Sky Sports F1 stream and my couch. Can't wait to hear what excuses they come up with for Palmer somehow being even worse than Ericsson this week. In other words - not really. I think On Tap will have it on some 20" screen somewhere.
  7. Well, you're all covered, Beier is going.
  8. Got dangit, I love me some Techno Animal.
  9. Moving on to RMAs of washing machines now?
  10. Because this is the only thread I can contribute to nowadays.
  11. My guess is that it was returned by Christian Ney.
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