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I.nfraR.ed - Athlon 64 5600+ X2 @ 3919.8MHz - 3919.8 mhz CPU Frequency


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https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1ct53ethtbz3g63/RfpixGyvrk - link to photos

I've used 100kΩ VR for both mods. Nothing hard in terms of modding - just FB to GND.

First photo shows vcore mod, second one - vNB (black wire is GND, white on the IC is the FB and the other white is measurement point for NB. Last photo shows measurement point for vcore.


Be aware that I have blown one of the MOSFETs - it might not be related to the mod, but it also might be.

Got replacements, so I will fix the board soon. I think they overheated during the 5600+ session due to the fact I forgot to put a fan over the heatsink and it (the heatsink) was slightly bent to one of the sides.

Hate those plastic pushpins Gigabyte uses, but didn't replace them with bolts like I do on other boards.

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