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FS: ASUS Rampage Extreme, 110€


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Hi Guys,

for sale is a Rampage Extreme in working condition.

I have no high MHz CPU for this Socket any more, so it is good to go.




Price: 110€ excl. shipping


There is one pin just very very slightly out of line, i have corrected its position / just want to mention that. The CPU in the Socket you will get for free (surprise surprise), because i have no cap for the Socket :D


Payment via EU Bank Transfer preferred, but PayPal is possible as well.

If you have any questions, drop me a PN.


References at hardwareluxx (101-0-0), also at AwardFabrik and Computerbase, 100% positive


Disclaimer, I am private seller, no returns, no warranty is provided by me. Items are tested and in working condition. Keep in mind that OC results may vary with hardware used, bios versions, temperatures etc.

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Now this is the real deal. I will give you on top a DDR3 Cellshock 2GB Kit with Microns (one burnt Pad but still working) for 10€ extra, if you take the Rampage for 110€, so 120€ excl. total for both.

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