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why no 3d01 points?

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since i updated a new 3d01 score using 2x hd2900xt cards, the points for my second fastest 3d01 score (2x x1900xt) are gone.


is it possible that the bot cant see the diference between x1900 and hd2900 cards - so that he thinks my x1900xt run is the same setup like the hd2900xt run and wouldn't give me points for my second best run (on like the thinks) the same setup?


i just like to get my x1900xt crossfire points back, because 73k in 3d01 is still enough to get points on that setup.


i mean that score:



thanks a lot


bye chris

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Hi Chris,


Points are divided into two parts:

- global points, based on how you compare to everyone

- hardware points, based on how you compare to everyone using the same hardware


You can recieve hardware points for each processor / videocard you own, but you will only recieve global points for your best result. That's why the X1900XT score lost the global part of the points.



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ok dude, thanks for that fast and clear answer.

now i unterstand the way it works.



but istn't that contradictory?

i lose points becouse i improve myself and my scores,

i gues that "hit" alot of people here...


i get punished for buying and benching a new setup,

i didn't get points for a good benchrun - i would get the points if i hadn't invested time and money and updated my rig.


using me as example: i had one of the fastest x1900crossfire setups, and i get alot of points for it,

but now i have bought the next generation of gfx cards and my "old" benchs does not honor - why? it's still the same good x1900crossfire score?!


so why is that the way it works?

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