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Radeon 2600XT good deal?

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First results seem very good for a 100 euro card!


Stock e6700 w/EIST ON / 4x512MB PC6400 / Gigabyte DQ6 / 256MB HD2600XT DDR3 @ 700/800 / MSI 8.38 RC2 Drivers (based on 7.5?)

3DMark05 @ 1024x768: 9494

3DMark05 @ 1280x1024: 7753

3DMark06 @ 1024x768: 5307 ( SM2.0/3.0/CPU : 1754/2496/2111)

3DMark06 @ 1280x1024: 4342 (SM2.0/3.0/CPU : 1480/1890/2106)

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I don't get it. I just read the Anandtech article, which is probably the most devestating for the X24/2600's, and I don't agree with their conclusion at all.


It does have a small lead (or even very healthy lead in the 2 games i play: oblivion and supreme commander) above the 8600GT, and it costs approx 25% less!! Why the fudge is every review site bashing the X2600XT if it's cheaper, consumes less energy and is faster than the nvidia counterpart?

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Okay, you're right that both the 8600GT as the X2600XT are not a great improvement in performance compared to last gen. I probably like them anyway because they're both cheap and silent... to of my soft spots.


I'd be a hard choice if you want to spend 100 - 120 euros right now on a new videocard. A 7600GT, a 8600GT, a X2600XT or a X1950Pro... I think the X1950Pro would be the best option, but I'd probably go for the X2600XT anyway because it runs Oblivion better.

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