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rkinslo - Core i7 4770K @ 4600MHz - 36966 marks PCMark 2005


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I tried to look for that rule and the rules for pc mark 5 are unable to be upload to read, please forward that rule to me and I will delete my submission. I just download the benchmark and ran it I have to many points to cheat. you must have a lot of time on your hands to be reviewing my submission no disrespect intended.

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Allowed benchmark versions All versions

Default benchmark settings As defined by benchmark

Allowed optimisations

Disable subtests

Specify disk drive for HDD subtests

Hardware ramdisk (eg: GIGABYTE i-Ram)

Audio and video codec tweaks

Powertoy (GUI for the registry)

Browser enhancement tweaks (eg: disabling/removing features, plugins, make-up)

AMD Raid Xpert and Intel RST

Disallowed tweaks/cheats

XP Startup < 220MB/s

Software ramdisk

MFT Software

Ramcache software

Any software or human interaction altering the perceived speed of the benchmark program, tricking it to believe it ran faster

Non-default (included with benchmark) web browser

Non-default (included with benchmark) audio/video codec

Non-default sector size

Lucid Virtu MVP

Flash2desktop software

Verification screenshot requirements

PCMark05 benchmark settings

PCMark05 overall score

PCMark05 subtest scores

XP Startup subtest


CPU-Z Memory tab

GPU-Z Graphics Card tab

Results.txt (display all subtests)

Verification link Mandatory for top-20 global

Verification photo Must include picture of storage

Example screenshot




Additional notes

This page contains the benchmark result regulation specifications for PCMark05. The rules as described in our General Rules section are still applicable even if they are not specifically mentioned on this page.


It is your responsibility, and the responsibility of your team captain(s) that these rules are followed properly. Your submission may be blocked by hwbot crew without notice if your submission is in violation of one of these rules. Multiple infractions may lead to a warning, and eventually an account ban.



January 1, 2013: add result.txt requirement

December 24, 2012: Add Flash2desktop, Lucid Virtu MVP rule

May 15, 2008: initial draw


When you have a submission that stands out, you can bet it will be looked at. ;)

I just happened to be the first one.

Edited by Mr.Scott
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