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offering here three 2x2GB Kits of GSkill RipjawX PSC, preferred sales region is europe, payment via Paypal. All three kits are in fully working condition, the screens were made today on Z68! Mainboard, so on Z77 or Haswell, these will do better normally at MHz Voltage ratio. All prices are without shipping, I will fiind best shipping option if you ask me. Items are located at germany


1. 2x2GB GSkill RipjawX 2133C9@1,50V(F3-17000CL9D-GBXMD


Comes in box with fan, fully functional and like new


ripjawsxundddr140vck3d.jpg 2133gbxmd11031200c7161nsbw.jpg


Price 65 Euros+shipping sold+shipped


2. 2x2GB GSkill RipjawX 2133C9@1,50V(F3-17000CL9D-GBXMD


Come in box with fan as well, mint condition


ripjawsxundddr1343dkr2.jpg 2133gbxmd11141200c7163ry9s.jpg


Price 65 Euros+shipping sold


3. 2x2GB GSkill RipjawX 1866C8@1,60V(F3-14900CL8D-GBXM


Come in the box of some 2200PI with fan, technical and optical flawless


ripjawsxundddr128iojpz.jpg 1866gbxm1200c8-11-8-2x7ko6.jpg


Price 30 Euros+shipping sold+shipped


On OC-results, all are on air, but ymmv


Best regards



Disclaimer: no returns, no warranty provided by me, but all kits have intact warranty stickers and heatspreaders have never been removed

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forgot price on one kit lol
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