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[FS] MSI MOA Class B Pack


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So not doing MOA anymore and figured now would be the best time to sell all the gear.


I have:


MSI Mpower (with retail box and accessories) $150 shipped


Intel 3570K batch #: 3251B377 which is the exact same as the 6.7 32M chip which is what I used in the first round and now has a wounded IMC. This was the backup cpu that clocked almost the same as the first one, albeit at a slightly lower voltage. Never tested on LN2, but 5Ghz air 32M requires 1.29v on MVG with tight memory timings.


$500 shipped


Intel 2600K x58 multi for 32M which I received from a teammate.




Just got this in the other day and have not tested it 4c 8t , but I am sure 5.7+ should be easy with a good phase setup. CPU has no readable markings on IHS due to erosion from a certain TIM.


$500 shipped






And of course I have a unmodded MSI GTX560 TI 448 PE/OC which the cooler was removed from to verify what exact model it is.


$185 shipped








Prices for the cpus shipped are Express Mail via USPS so it should be a 1-3 day service anywhere in the world since I know time is of the essence, feel free to pm for any screens.

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