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  1. Nice thread Alex Tried some low bin DJR on OCF to see how they stack up to good old B-Die. I couldn't get anything over 5200ish to pass GB3 so more than likely IMC limited. Performance seems great and not having to remove any memory is also a huge plus as this seems to benefit quite a few benches. On this kit 1.86v was the sweet spot for training and higher vdimm yielded little to no gain when raising in os. 1.9v set in bios wouldn't train so not a very voltage tolerant kit.
  2. I used 3c 3t because my strongest core was not 4/5 and settings between both runs were identical except the os having a larger maxmem set on the latter and retiring my Raptor. tRAS lower than 21 will not pass on my pleb tier dual rank kit and lower tRFC doesn't pass consistently. As for atypical tertiaries I can tell you I'm much looser than what have posted on a number of them. Sometimes tighter doesn't equal faster and most definitely not if you can't finish 32M. RTL game is strong for sure because . . . OCF I am using 1.5v on an NH-D15 with 75f ambient temp so I don't think there's any gas in the tank in this regard. Cache higher than 48 fails to boot nor have any semblance of stability so mega fail in this dept. I'm also Gear 1 limited (and or memory limited) on this cpu as 3866 can't train here unless I use < 100 bclk so there's no going higher freq wise atm.
  3. Well 2.01 makes it all the way through and then hangs on stream triad, so it seems to scale inversely at some point after 1.96v. SA = 1.55v IOM = 1.65v
  4. I would remove some more memory 2.5GB is probably making things much harder to pass. Maybe start at 1-1.5GB and see if you can pass with you current timing set. Time to clear the CMOS
  5. Unbelievable this is still here. I know many of us are old enough to remember spending $2k on a mainstream cpu for dem goldz and all the boints ttt
  6. Special LS bin G.Skill memory flying on OC Formula 5200c15 1.96v all air cooled with fairly warm ambient temp. Timings are as set in profile and haven't had a chance to start tightening them up but initial results look great. Also freshy XP courtesy of @Splave
  7. Try 1.6v IOM and 1.65v SA, should be more than enough for most cpu's.
  8. No need to touch regular IO voltage. Dual rank needs a healthy dose of SA and IO M depending on your cpu and what bench you're running.
  9. @Leeghoofd might have something your looking for.
  10. Tried out latest 1.27H bios, seems same same to 1.27D which it replaced. The only weird thing I noticed on both bios is that certain dividers are missing or disappear for some reason, namely 3866 and 4133. Yup it's at the bottom, saw that but no CML to try with here atm.
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