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  1. Bump Adding a Xeon L3014 which is in a certain moderators hand atm and will ship from EU so no need to get scalped by USPS International Shipping. 240€ shipped.
  2. Hey @chew* haven't had a chance to actually test 2x8GB yet, but it's on the chopping block tonight I only have a 5950x so I can't comment on the lower core count cpu's but I imagine having more cache can only be a good thing just like Zen 2. CB is shit on the two samples I tried at any fclk. @I.nfraR.ed it seems like it's way slower at both 4/5Ghz on this end. I can even train 2133/4266 but not stable. I'm not sure I know about this slow down, but simply running pi 1M you can see the difference, as well as checking with aida64 as all memory operations are slower at 2100 IF vs 203
  3. Also tried another cpu, but super low cb as well:
  4. Here's a few 4Ghz runs for comparison 2100 IF vs 2033 IF both 1:1 Also tried this cpu out on cold but -120c cb really kills the clocks
  5. @chew* You are correct they finally did it Try a quick 4Ghz out for you now.
  6. Can't get W7 installed atm on the current bios, so decided to try out W10 on a completely untweaked os, just boot direct from bios and run to get some baselines for Vermeer. Using a dual rank kit which is a first for me and performance seems pretty strong. Unfortunately both cpu's cold bug here no matter what fclk so this is all air cooled since no point in wasting juice on this.
  7. I do, it's alive, but it's not for sale.
  8. @Luumi never tried 8-13-8 but looks fast for sure for air clocks at 2850+ Nice to see PSC in 2020
  9. That's a strong 6c and interesting choice for dram, I've never heard of this company but seems like it clocks quite well.
  10. Played some pi early on to help sort memory profiles for the Aqua OC Butthurt edition. 4900 14-14 with loose seconds and thirds all ambient cooled on both cpu and memory. Also 4800 14-14 with super tight seconds and thirds is only slightly slower. Unfortunately 14-13 fails all the time on ambient so it's more than likely just this IMC. Will try a few other cpu's and see if any can run 14-13 on ambient. One thing I've noticed after seeing some screens is Asus runs tighter RTL but looser IOL, maybe one is better than other but idk haven't had a chance to test this thoroughly.
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