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  1. added MFR/CFR DDR3 and Xeon L3014.
  2. The voice of reason coming through clutch
  3. Appreciate the update. I know we (hwbot) are a niche group and really a minuscule demographic in the grand scheme of things, regardless it's cool to see this updated and will test it out. Thanks again.
  4. This was an incredible read, brought back lots of good memory's from this era.
  5. Also wanted to say thanks Infra, your tool was blessing instead of having to boot 5.8+ every time. Made benching pi smooth sailing on Windows 7 with x570 when no other tool worked.
  6. Sounds good to me 👍 I can't stop hax0ring nor shit posting it's all I know how to do.
  7. l0ud_sil3nc3

    TR 3990X

    Yup these are the first kit of B-Die I ever owned, still have them, still only run 4133 12-12-12 lol
  8. The categories will be merged so this is a moot point. Also Benchmate isn't a requirement for Windows 7, only for Windows 8/10. You got me I'm a cheater, I'm hiding my cheat.exe on the desktop hence why I cropped the screen
  9. Understand, I think MikeG had a receipt uploaded from Airgas showing $0.38 floating around here somewhere maybe try to find it and get your price dropped even lower.
  10. Pot really depends on the platform your benching, but paying $10/liter is just getting ripped off. That's the highest I've ever heard of anyone paying for a liter. Glad to hear you're at a much lower price now I've not touched the phase since I went LN2 and have no desire to mess with it. It's loud, hot and provides temps that are really only good for alleviating IMC strain for binning memory. For benching competitively it's useless.
  11. This is counterintuitive to use a better cooling method to cool a worse cooling method. If your going to use phase use phase, and if your going to use LN2 just use LN2. Only person I have seen do this or something is similar is @FUGGER, and I always wondered why when he had the best LN2 price at the time ($0.38 a liter).
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