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"66 = 55's"

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So decided to start binning retail for the Asrock comp and figured it would be a good idea to use ram which has been tested thouroughly, i.e. more than one board with multiple cpu's. This kit always seemed to stop at 2600 and did not seem to like volts nor extreme cold.


With this cpu, -133c is good for the memory and 2.15v is working great not to mention 2700+ is good, see below:yepp:


Can't have it all though right, cb on this particular sample is -110c, playing with input voltages does nothing for max clocks or max pi stable clocks, such a disappointment, but it seems binning cb is the most important thing as -110c is not going to go nearly as far as -135c+.












some pics:yepp:











. . .and what I have been working so hard on, could not have done this without Splavebro's pushing/motivating/sharing, thanks dude:up:


"66 = 55's" :rofl::ROTF::rofl::ROTF:



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I hope you have a good price on ln2 as much as you bench


there is god cpu's with low CB


Working on getting it for <0.50c a liter atm


. . . and my cpu is not one of those, I tried vcore as high as 1.85v with input at 2.3v, 2.4v, 2.5v and 2.6v and no difference 32m would always fail, same with pifast and etc. . .


I will retry it again as it is able to run 32m at 5Ghz at 1.15v for both core and uncore, so there has to be something I am missing as well.

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