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3D Particle Movement Benchmark


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Here's a benchmark I wrote over a year ago, and I've been using it in my reviews ever since. Simply put, it is based on 3D Random Movement algorithms. There are a fair few when looking at the literature, and all use a variety of different mathematical formula to achieve the same result. Some are more trigonmetric heavy, some use random numbers generated using normal or variable distribution algorithms. When moving a single item a few spots, the speed of each algorithm is of no concern, but when you move into scientific computing and have to deal with billions, having the best algorithm for the job is on the table.


So this is the 3D Particle Movement benchmark, 3DPM for short, which uses 6 of these algorithms so find the best speeds.


The benchmark comes in two varieties:


a) 3DPM-ST: Single Thread mode, where one thread is generated

b) 3DPM-MT: MutliThread mode, where the CPU has to be able to cope with >10000 threads.






If anyone is interested, I am in the process of organising integration of this benchmark into HWBot.

Submissions to HWBot will be the usual CPU submission process - screenshot with CPU-Z of CPU and CPU-Z of Memory.

The benchmark does produce an file, which I will be writing a website for shortly.


But for now, here are the poignant links:




Still in alpha phase on HWBot, for now ;)


Results page for 3DPM-ST: http://hwbot.org/benchmark/3dpm-st

Results page for 3DPM-MT: http://hwbot.org/benchmark/3dpm-mt


The download page: http://www.borandi.co.uk/3DPM


Submission for 3DPM-ST: http://hwbot.org/submit/benchmark/3DPM-ST

Submission for 3DPM-MT: http://hwbot.org/submit/benchmark/3DPM-MT


Edit: For those wondering why AMD doesn't score so high... AMD architecture loves integer (whole number) operations, especially when parallel. This benchmark was written in floating point (FP) operations, which is the usual standard for scientific programming depending on the algorithm.

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