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Bug with the prepopulate function

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I discovered it early this morning after I had used the prepopulate function to setup the entry I had for my P4 631 chip.

Since I was using the same board and RAM I had previously ran my Pentium D 915 with, I used the function to "Fill in the blanks" except for what was needed to indicate the correct CPU used (P4 631) with the correct speeds and RAM timings.

After doing the entry, I saw that I had a Gold trophy - Wait a sec.... This CAN'T be right, no way the entry had scored 1st in that class since the score wasn't high enough to have earned it. So I checked the rankings of the P4 631 chips and noted my entry didn't appear in the rankings BUT was indicated as a best for this chip (#1) within the personal results tab that appears over the category if you're logged in.




Went back and doublechecked and realized the prepopulate function had listed my P4 631 as an X2 chip, not an X1 as it should be but was giving me points and all for the entry but it was showing correctly as a P4 631 CPU.

I quickly did an edit of the entry and fixed the problem by doing a manual edit and not using the function - Noted someone else had also done this with the P4 631 and had points too in that class - Probrably a mistake as it was with me but it was there.


To illustrate the bug itself, I redid the erroneous entry with points disabled so it's not going to affect anything in the rankings and you can take a peek for yourselves: http://hwbot.org/submission/2435592_


This bug has a serious potential for earning "Hidden" points and since it doesn't appear when browsing the hardware category proper, it's all too easy to stash bogus entries for EZ points, skewing the rankings way off and this is not good for benchers trying to do it "Right". This bug needs to be killed and to see how many more of these entries exist in the data base.


Once I see a mod reply to this post I'll remove the example entry myself or they can do it, doesn't matter so much to me.

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I have known about that for a long time when the same thing happened to me using the autofill after running a Pentium D then submitting for a P4 it submits as a 2x CPU.

I didnt realise the first time and the submission was reported in an hour and I had to fix it.

I hope you let the person know or reported the sub

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