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Bug with gtx 780


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I'm testing a gtx 780 and i find some strange problem with the same usual O.S.


on xp sp3: with every hwbot version 2.25-2.26-2.27 the program start, i select the priority and affinity and run benchmark after few second of black screen appear the error code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION




on 7-64bit (with or without SP1): with every verion 2.25-2.26-2.27 the program start, the benchamrk start, but after the bench the application disappear and don't pop out the result. I've check the process, and the hwbot process is still on execution.


I tryed to change the vga with a gtx 560 and with same driver same install i've no problem

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That error as you can see is thrown by the benchmark itself rather than the wrapper. That seems to be an issue with cards that have over 2GB of VRAM. Not sure how it can be fixed though, other than trying either a 64-bit OS or multiple video drivers.


PS: The wrapper keeps waiting for aquamark to end, that's why it is still in the process list. This bug is now fixed in upcoming version.

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