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a lot of Hardware searches new home:D


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Time to clean up my room a little bit and sell all the stuff:)

All items are tested a few hours to be safe thats all working fine;)


Positive Feedbacks:


PCGHX.de, 71 positive transaktions, 100% good:D



Ebay.de, 391 positive transaktions, 100% good:D



All items will shipped from germany/switzerland, the method of shipping is buyers choose, i will send in 1-2 days after i have the money from the buyer;)




So here is what i have to sell:


1. Small used(2 hours) Coolermaster Silent Pro M2 720W





My priece is 50 Euro


2. Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 1200W


It was my Bench PSU for over one year, could also run 4-Crossfire with LN2´d Ivy^^ Only problem it has, is the damaged Power switch on backside, its allways on:D Only issue, PSU is still working fine:)




My priece is 85 Euro



7. unused Lepa 70D 12cm Fan


No need for it, for 3 Euro i will sell it:D



8. Alpenfön Brocken rev. 1 CPU Heatsink with Fan and all mounting stuff


Working still really good, all socket mounting kits are complete:) Have no need anymore for the cooler:D Comes in original packing with all screws, Backplates ans so on.




My priece is 15 Euro



All prieces are without shipping coasts! I sell and ship worldwide, Paypal is the prefered method to pay;)

If there are questions, PM me or contact me in skype:)


This threat also runs on Freeocen.de : http://freeocen.de/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=9258





5. Corsair Dominator CMG6GX3M3A1866C7 3*2GB 1866MHz 7-8-7-20 1,65V ver2.1 Elpida Hyper!!!


Never tested them really on high Voltages:( But 1800+ 6-7-6-18 1T was no problem on AM3+ and 1,8V:) Have no AM3+ or Z77 Board here actually to clock them, only tested them for working on Rampage Extreme.




Kurztest Rampage Extreme




My priece for the Kit is 60 Euro


6. Adata 2*2GB DDR3 2400 Gaming Series 9-11-9-27 1,55-1,75V PSC Chips!


Could never test them on my own, because they dont like Gigabyte and make Problems on Asrock Z77 OC Formula :P

First owner of Kit was Sergmann, on Asus MVG they run really nice 2600+ 8-11-7 when i remember well:D Comes in original blister and are tested for function on Rampage Extreme!




My priece for Kit is 90 Euro


3. selfmade fully-Copper GPU Pot

Cames fully ready to bench with insulation:) Its working really good for Dice, have never tested it with LN2. 8800GTS 640 was running 930 Core with this Pot:D

An Backplate i also send with the Pot.




My priece is 25 Euro


4. Fully-Copper GPU small/slim Pot

Also ready to bench with full insulation:) Working really good for cards with left space for Pot, i also cooled an 7970 on Dice at 1500 Core during 3DM11:D

Also here I have included an Backplate;)




My priece is 40 Euro

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