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[FS]Kingston DDR3 3x1GB very strong PSC


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I'm selling triple kit Kingston KHX2333C9D3T1K/3GX. Fond it on my bookshelf. Quick tests on air

2666 7-12-7-28-1T wcl8 1.95V

2700 8-12-8-28-1T wcl6 1.92V

Sticks are Elpida BDBG based but and overclocking very well like PSC x-series.

Too sad they are single-sided



I'm asking 40 euro + 7 eur shipping within Europe

I may accept Western Union transfer.

Edit: I may accept bank transfer Also. Checked with Vivi. It won't be a cheaper for buyer but might be much easier than WU transfer.

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I read at XS that Elpida bought some chips and marked them us BDBG. PSC profiles on OC Formula was working very well during the tests.


Not as far as I know. These are Elpida BDBG, PSC never makes their own design, they buy it from other IC makers. I guess PSC Xxx was derived from BDBG as their characteristics are very similar.

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