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lol, now i remember again. it's all ok. :)

cpu-z shows the argon core always as pluto. pluto and orion are 0.18µ cpus, argon is 0.25µ. so the right category is the pluto one.

How is that? I have a legitimate Argon core. You're putting it in the Pluto category. :confused:



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  • Crew

Since I've been asked, I'll make it clear. You both are right and Karl pointed to the right category. But he didn't explain thoroughly why, and Mr.Scott is a brainiac no less than I am. :D

Mr.Scott, you can see two 600MHz categories - the Pluto and Orion. But the true Orion was produced only in 900-1000MHz. HWBot made erroneous categories relying on bugged CPU-Z info or for the ease to users.

So HWBot Pluto = CPU-Z Pluto = CPUID 612 = Argon core

whereas HWBot Orion = CPU-Z Orion = CPUID 621 = Pluto core.


You can check CPUID in both categories for proof. CPU-Z correctly detects CPUID, tech. process but calls Argon and Pluto as Pluto and Orion correspondingly.


You send (should) send me a txt report from CPU-Z and I'll e-mail it to Franck Dellattre, the author of CPU-Z. Then we might check this and then fix categories on HWBot.



P.S. oh, I'm starting to remember, the core name history is even more interesting :D

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  • Crew

Looks like I finally got it.


Overview of models, speeds and cache :

- K7 : 500-700MHz, 512KB cache

- K75 (Pluto) : 550-850MHz, 512KB cache

- K75 (Orion) : 900-1000MHz, 512KB cache

- Thunderbird (SlotA) : 650-1000MHz, 256 cache



and via CPU World. Almost got my brain cracked because of many crossroads.

AMD itself calls the cores as Model 1 and Model 2. Argon was the codename for K7 project. Then marketing named it as Athlon. Whole bunch of info claims there were two cores - Argon+Pluto or Argon+Orion. Some name there were three but don't specify "which or witch". Most refer to cores as to K7 (0.25) and K75 (0.18). And I thought to stop on such a marking. But...

Finally I've found this line:

The 1GHz Athlon was based on yet another core revision, the K75 with the codename Orion. This core revision ran at a slightly higher voltage than the Pluto K75, 1.8v instead of 1.7v.
then I checked CPU world and found that I've been a little inattentive. Really, there is a revision with CPUID 622 which is marked as Orion. So the puzzle got together from the top.

Orion is CPUID 622 (a new revision of K75, the 0.18um tech. process). Then

Pluto is CPUID 621 (initial K75, based on newer 0.18um tech. process) and finally

K7 is CPUID 612 (initial K7, 0.25um tech. process). And since the first core is usually named after the project codename, it got named "Argon".



Anyone wanna argue? :D

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