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Need some help understanding cpu's diff. Intel

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Thinking of a new cpu was leaning toward intel, The AMD 8 core 9590 is a ripper, but haven't used AMD in long time and there are comparable Intel chips from what I'm told. Right now using the the 2500k but was thinking of getting I7 4820k. I was wondering if the intel chip 4820k are you able to overclock base, like amd processors. Right now on z77 chipset there's no way to set base clock which blows. Try to justify the 4 core 4820k, vs amd 8 core 9590.

I know with the 4820k you gain pci\e lanes, lose IGPU, wider spread for memory. There is the 130 watt, is watt = power / or does it mean watt = heat consumption the cpu can handle.

basically benchmarks show 4820k vs amd 9590 about the same performance.

just wondering how 220 watt 8 core perform's about the same as 4 core 130 watt

I feel like I'm getting smoke blown up my ass. Then OC the base clock with the turbo clock, with intel tech could see maybe then.

Are there many software issues for the 8 core, with standard programs or does cpu driver's and programming pretty much handle all of that?

just looking for insane fast, and stability

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Hey! Welcome to HWBot!


You have a few questions in there :) .... i'll try to answer some. I think there are other people on here who can answer some of the other questions better :)


No base clock on Z77: It doesn't really matter. Testing has shown that if memory is removed as a variable, then (e.g.) 100x50 performs the same as 104.2x48 or 106.4x47. On Z68/Z77/Z87, the OC is mostly done by multiplier. Adjusting the BCLK will change the memory MHz a little, but not enough to notice in day to day uses. Intel have a MASSIVE advantage over AMD in memory bandwidth.


"just wondering how 220 watt 8 core perform's about the same as 4 core 130 watt"


AMD have a "weird" definition of what a core is. There a re guides on the internet explaining their approach :)

AMD have a fairly large performance deficit. Intel have a PPC advantage, there is no other way to say it.



130W TDP.... it means thats the maximum power dissipation that the CPU is going to have "under normal useage." It depends what you do with your CPU. I am sure there are programs that will see the power cumpsion pass that limit. The power is dissipated mostly as heat, so it is *almost* accurate to say that 130W of power consumption = 130W of heat.



For the difference in power consumption alone, I would recommend Intel :) If the Intel system ends up costing more, it will "pay for itself" in a lower electricity bill compared to AMD.

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Thank You for the help, Its hard to find break downs of the diffences. Money wise 4820k and 9590 come close, except for motherboard. I was hoping intel would jump on 8 core bandwagon, and bring price of the six cores down. 500 to 1000 is just too much.

So on the z77 z68 etc front side bus fsb for turbo isnt much of a issue, and I can see in day to day use where actually placing fsb or bclk where it seems tight, or smaller number performance improves, as well as stability. I know too lose is bad, but where tight can be bad too. and borderline bad seems sweet spot.

Then other thing, I noticed cpu rests at 1.6 clock speed is this normal, I thought my base clock for a 2500k was 3. somthing mhz. I dont know if cpu is starting to defect or is suppose to run that way.

I read a review of 2011 socket cpu's and there was a customer complaining about the same thing, if its suppose to be that way the crazy thing it doesn't show in benchmarks. If both his and my cpu are dead that sucks. Everything seems fine just bottom line is slow, response seems good when programs launch, shoots to targeted speed. I just seem to have some issue where I feel the base clock would perform better with a higher number.

solution check bios, duh have to see.

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Ok base clock, it shows in bios overlcloced even with fsb and bclk to match. SO either the software is screwy or cpu changes after windows starts.

In short will there be a performace gain other going from 2500k z77 mobo to 4820k 2011 mobo, other than waiting for 6 core money, and ability to stack 3 or 4 liquid cooled gpus

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The CPU has a power saving idle state :) It clocks down in idle to use less power. Sometimes the speed "bounces around" when the computer (seemingly) isn't doing much, it's nothing to worry about :) You can disable the feature in BIOS, power consumption when idle will increase a bit though.


If you are doing multi-threaded work (video encoding for example) then moving to a 4820K will benefit you. OR you could move to a 3770K using the same motherboard. The performance will be very similar to a 4820K and save you money (no new board or memory needed) You can check comparisons online of a 2500K Vs 3770K Vs 4820K. They are very popular CPUs.

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so turbo, is a 3 step ordeal. I do believe the older cpu's did the same thing like the amd 955.

where do you disable feature of complete idle state of cpu, bios terminology?

yea some video and rendering, where I would like to jump to six core, makes me wonder, if I should think about integrating my way to a 2011 socket. Im just afraid intel will figure the 1155 socket isn't bad and produce processors to match the six core processors. The nice thing about amd there sockets stay somewhat the same. All AM3+ . The motherboard option with 1155 has way more options at a better price. Only draw back is less memory modules, but the 1155 set for I-GPU features and more.

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thank you for the pointer, good thing system is cold. I have everything cranked up in power control, so it just rests at 4.856, wich is fine. try and get it running optimal for the bench marks on this site, Seek how the heavy overclocked 2500k cpu can contend with the more modern cpu s. In short disabling speed step will take you directly to your turbo clocked speed, so stepping. just a warning make sure your system is cold, for any other readers.

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