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An idea for some time in the future


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What if there was either a secondary ranking OR a change to the global ranking system where, globally, benchers were ranked as either 2D, 3D or mixed benchers?


"World #x 2D bencher" etc


There's a few possible ways to determine it:


x% of a users top 15 global scores being 2D or 3D (as applicable)

ALL of their top 15 global scores?


x% of their global AND hardware scores

.....100% of their global and hardware scores? (if someones entire global and hardware contribution is 2D or 3D, IMO, that deserves some mention)



I imagine the HWB engine could be set up to automatically rank users depending on their submissions, they wouldn't have to make a decision to be a 2D or 3D bencher.



I've been thinking about this for a while, the addition of new 2D points and the implications did focus my thinking a bit.















as a closely related idea (ie...not worth a new thread)


Would it be possible to add options to sort the Hardware Masters League based on 2D or 3D contribution? Basically... like the "highest to lowest" option in an online shop price list :D


What about further sorting, to show AMD/Intel and AMD/nVidia contributions?

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I've also proposed this idea ( 2D/3D league ) to Massman some time ago, it's probably not going to happen soon as calculating the different leagues would be very hard on the server.


My original idea was this one:


Is it possible to get 2D and 3D league rankings from the database, based on normal league rankings? So for OCL 15 (WR + GP) + 20 HP + CP ( all 2D benchmarks ) and 15 (WR + GP) + 20 HP + CP ( all 3D benchmarks ). Same for EL.[/Quote]
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