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=[FS]= RipjawsX 2133C8 BBSE


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Part number: F3-17000CL8D-4GBXMD

Specs: DDR3-2133 / 8-9-8-24 / 1.65V

Chips: Elpida BBSE


32M stable numbers (all on air, normal ambients):

1100MHz / 6-9-6-24 / 1.78V (ASUS Z77), 1.78V (Gigabyte Z77)

1187MHz / 7-9-7-24 / 1.69V (ASUS Z77)

1200MHz / 7-10-7-24 / 1.69V (ASUS Z77), 1.72V (Gigabyte Z77), 1.73V (ASUS Z87), 1.74V (ASRock Z87), 1.75V (ASUS 990X)

1250MHz / 7-10-7-24 / 1.82V (ASUS Z87)

1300MHz / 7-11-7-24 / 1.86V (ASUS Z87)

1333MHz / 7-11-7-24 / 1.91V (ASUS Z87)

1333MHz / 8-11-7-24 / 1.92V (ASUS Z87)

1350MHz / 8-12-7-24 / 1.97V (ASUS Z87)


Asking 110€ or $150 shipped anywhere.

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Guest barbonenet
I am located in The Netherlands. Don't know how much time shipping to Italy would take (haven't done any NL-IT shipping) but usually it takes items at most 5 workdays to arrive within EU and 10-15 workdays globally.


how much euros?

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