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One Question About 3DMark 06 Resolution

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I can only assume that your result was blocked because someone reported it. The moderators do not go around looking at peoples results. They will only look if someone reports the entry.



So if you find results that are not run at the default setting report them, just as your result had to have been reported.


All results are peer reviewed results. What that means is that those members who are benching the same hardware will police those results that are similar to theirs. Once a result is found that they do not think is correct, it could be bugged or have the wrong hardware specified or any of the 100's perfectly normal human error type glitches that are made during submission to the bot, then they report it (flag is a better word) and a moderator will have a look and decide what is the appropriate action to take.


Now running benchmarks at default settings is mandatory - that includes the default benchmark screen resolution. Does not mean your screen has to be that resolution of course. Just that the benchmark not be changed from default setting.



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