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wPrime 1.55 fail to work


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I wanted to make some submissions by wPrime, when I finally touched the 2.8GHz barrier: http://valid.canardpc.com/1uvus6


...but... WTF?!




"Remote server machine does not exist or it is unavailable."




Since when wPrime even require connection to the net in the first place? I was under the impression that overclockers understand that during overclocking the board is mostly not even connected to the net at all...


So should I force my machine to pretend that there is NO net connection just to make wPrime work or what can I do to make wPrime 1.55 work? There is not any updated version to download as I checked, so... wPrime is dead now, or what is going on? :confused:

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No, you don't need a web connection to run WPrime.

What's happening is one of your OS processes has been stopped that WPrime needs to function properly.


I don't know what you are stopping that's process related when you set things up but that's what it is, I've seen this many times before myself to know when I was doing the same with my stuff. Mind you it's been awhile since I've ran into this and I can't recall the exact process you'd need to leave running (I think it's related to "DHCP" in XP by name in the sys admin process tabs) but best thing would be to leave all processes enabled and kill off these unwanted processes one by one until you figure it out. Might take some time but once you have it figured out, you'll be OK.

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Bones, you are right. It is the service... Find and fixed:




Yes, Ananerbe, that is it - DCOM service (in Czech - Spoušťeč procesů serveru DCOM) was stopped. Because I see no reason for it to run, so I stop it. When started, it start services like HW detection and WIA images BS and both I did not like, so...


That fixed it. On Win2k, there is no need for this and it run just fine :( Damn WinXP :(

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